Keegan Stroud


It was old hat for 12 year old Keegan Stroud to feel that tug and to hear the splash of the water as the fish broke the surface, pulling on the line and fighting the hook in its mouth.  It was a passion from a young age, to seek out the water and work out the puzzle of what would catch the fish the water would harbor.  Participating with a high school tournament bass fishing team near his home town for 3 years, Keegan then became the founding member for his high school team and President for FHS Battlin' Bass.  The timing coincided with his career in bass fishing being pushed to the professional level, taking on the BASS Central Opens at the age of 16, ending the year with the Toyota Co Angler of the Year in the Top 20.  As a senior in high school, Keegan is keeping up with his hectic high school (TBF & SAF)  and professional tournament schedule (BASS & FLW), he is also holding down his (almost) 4.0 GPA along with making sure he is representing his sponsors at the Bassmaster Classic and ICAST. Looking forward Keegan will be honoring his scholarship and pursuing his collegiate bass fishing career in 2018 with SCAD, The Savannah College of Art and Design, while majoring in Industrial Design.

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